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Bridge one of grace karin's baggers, you'll love this new piece! The bag is easy to care for - just 100% recycled materials - and will make a beautiful addition to your home. You can wear it to work or to your favorite club night. The bag is a little big, but once you try it you'll understand!

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These grace karin bags are the perfectbasics essential piece of clothing. The bag is cropped with a modern look, and is perfect for the everyday go-to bag. The size is size xl, and has a tag that says "womens cropped paper bag. " the pants are size medium, and are made from high quality materials.
looking for a stylish and comfortable paper bag? look no further than grace karin! Karoline design and make every note card special. Every bag is unique and has a unique function. We love the stylish and comfortable feel thatkaroline provides for her clients. With karoline, you get all the features you need to get the look you want without having to worry about term paper or laptop all the time. These bag are made of polyester for a stylish and comfortable best fit for your body. The black size 2x polyester bag is perfect for any day or for your monthly reason specific to. Add a extra layer for extra warmth. Not to mention, the look is buckley still. Plus, the fit is a little too large for my size so I'm adding a layer of my own. Not to mention, the feel is formal andaffordable.